Guidelines for reviewers

The procedure for reviewing texts adopted in the annual „Studies on the History of Architecture and Urban Planning in Poland”:


  • Submissions are initially assessed for completeness - a list of files required for submission is provided in the tab for authors.
  • Submitted articles are assessed for substantive compliance with the journal's profile or with the thematic profile adopted for the following annual issue, notified in advance. The evaluation is carried out within 21 days (3 weeks) from the moment of submitting the text. Texts that are not scientific, do not correspond to the journal profile or do not meet the formal criteria are rejected at this stage.
  • After the initial formal and substantive verification, the article is submitted for review to two independent reviewers selected from outside the article author's affiliated unit.
  • The review process, which takes 30 days, follows the principle of confidentiality and double-blind review process.
  • The review is in writing and must conclude with a clear statement of acceptance or rejection of the article.
  • Reviewers use the appropriate review form. 
  • Two positive reviews are required for an article to be accepted for publication.
  • The list of reviewers for each annual is given on the journal's website.