Topic of the Conference

How should functional-spatial structure of the city, its public spaces, natural system, buildings and infrastructure be shaped with the application of modern technologies in the face of climatic changes?

1. Urban planning ideas of sustainable city development and trends towards the development of Smart City, Eco City and Green City in the light of climatic changes.

2. Contemporary architecture – designing pro-environmental buildings with respect to energy-efficient solutions and other technologies.

3. Tasks for architectural solutions in the light of climatic changes and sustainable city development.

4. Designing the urban environment and landscape in the context of climatic changes.

5. The issues of regenerative design and urban circular economy.

6. Modern technologies in the city functional-spatial structure.

7. Urban infrastructure implemented with the principles of sustainable development.

8. Tasks for public and commercial investors in reference to implementation of modern and innovative technologies.

9. New areas of social participation and determinants for city development in the light of climatic changes.