Leaves of Absence

A student is entitled to take leaves of absence from classes and leaves of absence from classes with an option to undergo verification of the achieved learning outcomes defined in the study programme. The student may be granted the following leaves of absence:

  • health leave of absence (may be granted by the Dean only on the basis of a certificate issued by an authorised physician), 
  • special leave of absence (may be granted by the Dean to a student who, upon the Dean’s consent, takes an extra-curricular part of his or her degree programme in another higher education institution or undertakes a job training or an internship, or to a student who has documented significant extraordinary circumstances, or when there are other justifiable reasons for granting such leave),
  • unconditional leave of absence (may be granted by the Dean at the request of a student who has successfully completed at least the first year of first-cycle study or long-cycle Master’s study, or the first semester of second-cycle study. Such leave may be granted only once over the entire duration of studies and no later than within 14 days from the beginning of a semester)

A leave of absence is granted by the Dean at the request of the student. The request must be submitted through Usos (Student's section/ePW applications)