Terms and Conditions of the Payment

All fees due to the Faculty should be paid into an individual account of the student available in the USOS system.

The amounts of fees for courses and other forms of education at the WUT Faculty of Architecture are laid down each year by the WUT Rector upon consultation with the Dean of the WUT Faculty of Architecture and are announced in the Rector’s Decision. The fees for degree programmes in the academic year 2022/2023 are laid down in:

Decision no. 112/2022 of the Warsaw University of Technology Rector of 28 April 2022

Decision no. 113/2022 of the Warsaw University of Technology Rector of 28 April  2022

 as amended.



Pursuant to Regulation no. 9/2021 of the Warsaw University of Technology Rector of 3 February 2021, fees for education are payable no later than within four weeks after the date of the beginning of the semester, except for the first semester, the fee for which should be paid before the beginning of the semester.

At the request of the student (PL and International students), submitted no later than one week before the payment deadline, the fees may be paid in instalments. The request for payment of the tuition fees in instalments should be submitted using the form available in the USOS system, specifying the number and amounts of instalments and the dates of payment. The application should be submitted through USOS (Student's section/ePW applications).